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Focused on small business

I’m focused on working with small businesses to help them with their websites. I build, improve, recover and secure WordPress websites. WordPress powers over 33% of all websites on the internet today. It’s easy to use but setting up a site and making sure it stays working can be a challenge for the small business owner who’s focused on running their business. As a small business owner for many years, I understand the need to ensure a good return on each dollar spent and avoid surprises.


When building your WordPress website, I work with your design (or designer), schedule and budget to establish clear a clear plan to bring your WordPress website to life. You won’t have any surprises along the way and WordPress website will be fast, secure and easy to maintain.


As easy to use as WordPress is, underneath the hood is a complex system that requires ongoing maintenance to make sure it stays in perfect working order is secure. My maintenance plans make sure your site is kept up to date, backed up both locally and on a separate off-site storage system. We’ll take care of updating your plugins and theme and we will also guide your site through more complex updates to WordPress core that require a more cautious approach. Our annual maintenance plans also include a small amount of time monthly for changes or troubleshooting. Let us focus on keeping your WordPress site up and running so you can focus on the content.

As part of my maintenance agreement, I use tools to watch what’s happening in real time on your site and alert me if there is an attack in progress. I monitor threats to WordPress, WordPress plugins and other more generalized security risks that could affect your business. I also monitor the health of your site, including if there is an interruption in service or your site speed slows down.


Security is difficult to focus on for the small business owner. But with cyber-crime on the rise, ignoring security could result in exposing you and your company to risks that can easily sink your business. Your reputation is tightly wrapped up in your website, so you need to know that your site is as safe from hackers as it can be. I’ll show you how security works without making your eyes glaze over after five minutes.

To create a security plan for your business, I audit everything from your business’s internet connection, your email provider, your passwords and your payments systems. The I develop and help you implement a complete security plan that will leave your business more secure and help keep the bad actors at bay.

Unfortunately, the popularity that WordPress enjoys that makes it so easy to use also makes it a target for hackers. The team that is responsible for WordPress security is top notch and WordPress’s security has really improved in the last few years. But hacks can happen regardless of the security involved. The best we can do is make your site and your business as secure as we can.

If you think you may have been hacked, contact me right away. The sooner we determine if you’ve been hacked or not the sooner we can get the situation under control, your site cleaned up and back online. I know this is a stressful time for any business, but I’ve helped businesses through it before and I can help you as well.


Host & Optimize

One question I hear a lot is “Why is my WordPress site so slow?” Here’s a secret, your website is slow because you’re using an overloaded hosting company. My largest client went through 3 other “highly rated” hosts and several server configurations at each before we finally found a hosting company that has the same priorities as we do, speed and security. Smaller sites can take advantage of our basic hosting plan. For busier sites, we’ll help you transition to our host and setup your own hosting agreement.

Once your WordPress site is safely on our host, I’ll look at how your website is loading and identify any remaining bottlenecks. This may be as simple as tweaking a setting or two, finding a different plugin that is more efficient or it might be more complex. Regardless of the problem, I’ll bring you the facts and work with you to fix the problems in order of best return for your budget. As we fix these issues. we run simulations for load as well to make sure that what we do stands up under pressure.

When we’re done, you can rest easy that when a story or product on your website goes viral, your site will keep on serving pages to visitors instead of slowing or stopping altogether.

We also offer Google Adsense optimization and basic SEO setup and integration.