SiteBastion Hosting Explained


Hosting WordPress

SiteBastion partners with SiteDistrict, a hosting company that is focused on performance and security in equal parts. SiteBastion has high confidence in SiteDistrict’s hosting capabilities. We offer this service at the same price it would cost you if you contracted with SiteDistrict yourself. This gives you a single point if contact and makes it easier for us to manage your site on a day to day basis.

Pay As You Go

SiteBastion hosting uses a pay-as-you-go plan. This is the same basic plan that SiteDistrict offers. You get a standard WordPress server installation on a high performance AWS server, secure firewall and security monitoring service and a reasonable amount of computing resources that most sites will not exceed all for $25 a month. If you exceed the allocated resources for your site you may be charged an additional usage fee. This is calculated on a month by month basis and will only be charged if SiteBastion is charged for extra usage.

Usage Calculations and Cost

WordPress sites require resources to run. If your site is using resources beyond your basic allotment charges will be applied to supply those resources. Unlike other hosts that slow your site down or bill you for resources even when you’re not using them, our servers keeps delivering blistering speed even during the heaviest of site loads and we bill you only if you exceed the limits set aside for your website.

We measure the following five metrics to calculate overall usage of our hosting service.

Processor is a cumulative use of all processing power required by your site. WordPress services plus any plugins or other services run by your site along with traffic requiring those services causes CPU usage.

Memory is a cumulative use of all memory required by your site. WordPress services plus any plugins and other services run by your site along with traffic causes additional memory to be required by your site.

Disk Space, in Gigabytes, includes your live site, development sites, databases, images, non-host backups and any other files you have stored on your server.

Bandwidth is a measurement of all traffic into and out of your server, including administration, content creation in WordPress, visits to your sites including any bots that might crawl your site.

Pageviews is a count of the total number of pages viewed by visitors to the site. This is largely human visitors, but certain advanced bots may count in this total as well.

Usage included with your hosting account:

  • Processor: 15hrs/month, additional CPU at $1 per CPU-hour
  • Memory: 25GB-Days/month, additional memory at $1 per 2GB-day
  • Disk Space: 5GB included, additional at $1 per additional 1GB disk
  • Bandwidth: 25GB/month, additional at $1 per 10GB bandwidth
  • Page Views: 20K/month, additional at $1 per 4K Page Views

Usage over included limits are averaged within our account as a whole. Customers will only be billed if total usage exceeds SiteBastion’s contracted limits as a whole. A reported overage may not result in a bill. If an overage results in additional cost, the Customer will be billed on a monthly basis in a separate invoice from the basic maintenance and hosting agreements.

A Good Deal

Other hosting companies may slow your site down if the server you are on runs out of resources. Or they will charge up front for resources you may or may not be using. Our hosting provider carefully manages server usage to minimize slow response times and actively manages the performance of each server they run. Websites may be moved to new servers if their traffic grows too large for the server they are on. And they work with the website owners to address performance issues that are causing the slowdown. The end result is that you’re always getting the best possible speed that we can provide for your WordPress website at an affordable price.